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Shop Small Spotlight : CHAPS & LUCKY

Who says you can't go home again?  Well, not Celeste Shaw, a couture cowgirl who created Chaps   as an tribute to her heritage. This well-loved local entrepreneur grew up on a farm in Montana and was a critical care nurse prior to converting a turn-of-the-century farmhouse into a beloved restaurant.   She borrowed a little money, moved the farmhouse to its existing location and did most of the work herself. She admits some of the neighbors weren’t thrilled about the old farmhouse moving in. But she won them over as her dream business started to evolve and they claimed it as theirs. Her inspiration was her two grandmothers, to whom comfort food meant LOVE ❤ YES! FOOD IS LOVE merch is available at *Proceeds goods go to local businesses and artists Photo Cred: Chaps The notable Chaps decor consists of cool cowgirl gear with sprinkling of chippy vintage make you feel like this is where you belong...even if you're a city slicker. However, it's the home-on-the-r

Shop Small Spotlight: The Tin Roof...a legacy of STYLE

  SHOP SMALL. SHOP LOCAL Photo courtesy of The Tine Roof The talented Heather Hanley is the owner and the creative director of three family-owned home furnishing stores with distinct personalities. Heather’s parents, Jim and Susan Hanley remain active in the family business and are trusted advisors for the forward thinking Heather. As for me, I’m not only a long-time customer but consider myself a friend of the family. As with many locally owned businesses this is not unique. Friends become clients and clients become friends. They have a way of making you feel not only welcome but special when you walk through their doors. The Tin Roof literally took over Hanley’s family-owned, second-generation appliance store, which was housed in a sustainable building just east of downtown Spokane in what is now coined as the Sprague Union District at 1727 E Sprague. The family’s ACME electronic & appliance store transformed into The Tin Roof, a beloved 35,000-square-foot showroom of carefully