Truly, I don't mind the RAIN.

Sure I love the sun but I don’t mind the rain. In fact, I’m rather fond of it. 
When I was a small child, we lived in Belgium for a season. Dad let my sister and I dance on our urban balcony in the rain. I remember the laughter, joy and freedom that washed over us. We were little and stark naked. 
Although clothed, I used to take my boys puddle jumping in our neighborhood park that overlooked the ocean. While other parents held their children’s hands tightly, begging them to avoid the puddles, I was encouraging my boys to run through and jump in them repeatedly. We lived in Seattle, so puddle jumping could be a frequent activity. Although sometimes this was a spontaneous event, other times we’d be well prepared for our rain adventures. Many mornings, my youngest son would with get a sparkle in his eye and let me know in Winnie-the-Pooh fashion “Tut Tut, it looks like rain” We’d venture out with clean towels, a change of clothes and often a picnic to have in the car. 
So today it’s a rainy day and I’m more than fine with it. So if it must rain today, I’m hoping the skies opened up and it really pours. Makes me think of my then little boys, soaking wet, feeling free and laughing in the rain. LA #floodedbymemories

“To them, time was like rain, glittering as it fell, changing the world, but something that could also be taken for granted.” Cassandra Clare


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