Natalie Wood had timeless style. Discover her signature scent.


Sometimes as a writer/blogger I get sent products to experience with the intent I will craft a favorable online or in print response. Because I owe it to my lovely readers and believe in only promoting the good, I have a disclaimer on my blog that sending a sample does not guarantee a review. If I find the experience not to my preference, I will respond privately with feedback if it wasn’t great for me.

That being said, I’ve been indulging in Natalie for a few weeks now and I’m completely smitten. The scent is timelessly elegant, softy sensual and intriguing. Just like I want to be. This delicious scent proves a product doesn’t have to old to be a classic.

Through the ever-changing Hollywood trends, Natalie Wood (1938-1981) made a consistently classic yet smoldering statement. She was captivating and effortlessly stayed beautifully relevant throughout her life, as well as in the spotlight. Oh and her signature scent was the lovely gardenia. Discover Natalie, the fragrance.

"If, I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever."

The Story of the Scent

Barbara Stanwyck, a gifted actress and powerful personality, captivated her fans during her 60-year Hollywood career. Stanwyck's signature scent was gardenia--sumptuous, floral, yet distinctively sexy and often considered the most exotic fragrance in the world. 

Barbara sent her young costar, Natalie Wood a bottle of gardenia perfume as a gift, and when Natalie was old enough to wear it, she adopted gardenia as her signature scent as well. When others complimented her on the fragrance, Natalie remembered Barbara’s generosity and sent them a bottle. As you may know, Natalie Wood blossomed into a glamorous starlet, and was nominated for an Oscar at age sixteen for her 1955 role opposite James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Successfully maneuvering the near-impossible transition from child to adult on screen, Natalie was ready to take Hollywood by storm. And she did. 

For Natalie’s daughters, Natasha Gregson Wagner and Courtney Wagner, their mother’s gardenia scent played a key role in keeping her memory alive. We all know a scent can transport you to back in time and evoke a memory. Fragrance is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Smells can evoke emotions, influence moods, and have you reliving entire memories with just a whiff. 

In 2015, Natasha and Courtney turned their memories into the ultimate tribute with "Natalie" the fragrance, a fresh, contemporary perfume inspired by the natural gardenia scent their mother wore her entire life. Precisely crafted by master perfumer Claude Dir at the house of Mane using a base of pure distilled essential oils and all natural ingredients, "Natalie" introduces new elements like freesia, orange flower, and vanilla into the original gardenia. Just as Natalie passed on Barbara Stanwyck’s gift of gardenia perfume, Natalie’s daughters have given a new generation a fragrance that evokes classic glamour with a modern twist.

Natalie Wood gave the world more than just her films--her beauty, artistry, talent, and compassion still live on. Today, Natasha and Courtney carry on their mother’s legacy with "Natalie" the fragrance, and by partnering with CoachArt, an organization that teaches art and athletics to chronically ill children. The two most important causes to Natalie were children and the arts: she served as a spokesperson for the National Children’s Day Council, worked to promote child safety, donated a collection of ancient art to UCLA, and established a performing arts endowment for college students. In her honor, a portion of all proceeds from the fragrance will be donated to CoachArt.

Click here to discover, Natalie, the alluring fragrance with timeless style.

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Merci Natalie for your iconic style and knowing the glamour of gardenia .


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