Local Spotlight on Myles Kennedy -Spokane, WA.

About last night: Fox Presents: Myles Kennedy & Co. Year of the Tiger Tour was a truly remarkable show. Spokane’s own Myles Kennedy is a talented singer, songwriter and wicked guitar player that’s best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Alter Bridge, and as the lead vocalist in guitarist Slash's backing band, known as Slash, Myles & Co.

Around here your Myles connection could be from Mead High School’s jazz band. Maybe you remember him playing trumpet in the school's marching band. Possibly you were in a bar watching him in a local heavy metal band called Bittersweet. You could even be able to recall him from lugging his guitar across campus at Spokane Falls Community College Additionally, it could have been in the late 90’s playing with The Mayfield Four at 105.7 Peakfest in the Riverfront Park where as a Radio adverting rep I decided I would definitely specialize in Live Music. 

Whatever your connection is if your were in attendance last night you know him as passionate, talented and humble. 

The Fox is a relatively small venue but last night was more intimate as Myles was playing to family, childhood friends, former music teachers and guitar students. The crowd was comprised of countless fans that get to say "I knew him when" 

At the Fox, Kennedy was joined by Tim Tournier and former Mayfield Four drummer and Mead Student Zia Uddin.

Not only is live music where the magic happens but it’s also when you discover how passionate an artist is about what they do. Not once but twice Myles asked the engaged audience if he could play just one more in addition to the scheduled encore. Ahh, yes play all night if you’d like. Obviously, for Kennedy this is not a job but a calling. He confessed last night that this was the only thing he was good at. Yeah, really good at. Thanks Myles, for discovering your gift and sharing it with the world. #makeminelive


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