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Love Hurts yeah yeah

There are a few things in life so beautiful they hurt: swimming while it rains, reading alone at a street cafe, the sea of stars that appear when you’re out of the city, great live music in a dive bar, walking in woods, contagious laughter, all the phases of the moon and reminiscing with an old flame. 💛 LLR

Tall Tales

This mini Statue of Liberty is at Alki Beach in West Seattle. When my son, Brandon was preschool age we started most of our days there. We'd often lug our newly checked out library books and read them while sitting on the sea wall. When I could, I'd splurge on a latte from Alki Bakery. As we'd make our way to the water without fail B would greet the stotic staue with a cheerful "Good Morning Lady."   I'm not sure if my little guy asked or I just offered it up but I told him a tall tale about the statue at the beach. You see, our the Lady Liberty was actually the Queen Mother of Alki Beach. Notice the crown? Thats her latte and library books she's holding as she keeps watch over all the children playing on the beach. It sounded right and he never questioned it. Only thing is I never told him it was just a made up story. A few years later, he was awfully confident telling his entire class all about it when his teacher showed a picture of the Statue of Libert