My sweet Grannie wore simple house dresses that she made and baked....a lot. Any time I wanted make cookies with her, we would. I always got to lick the beaters and the poorly scraped bowl. She lived with my rather stern yet secretly soft Scottish grandfather in a little house with a big garden in White Rock, BC. She liked Lawerence Welk and thought Elvis was "honky tonk music" I loved her dearly and still quote her today. ❤️
Her sister, my Auntie Gladys was fancy. A successful career woman, she was single and lived in a vintage condo on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, WA. When I  reached double digits, I'd would get to visit her on my own. She was draped in sparkly jewels first thing in the morning and she took me to dimly lit lounges to hear cabaret singers. I was 12 and thought she was marvelous. On my birthday last month, my parents gave me this cuff bracelet that was hers. I will wear it and cherish it. Like her, I'm fancy. đź’›


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