Ch Ch Changes...

A Sneak Peek
Steals & Deals: Don't let anyone dull your sparkle. Adore this shiny copper pillow I discovered at Target for, wait for it....$5! 
I'm Spring Cleaning and fixing up the old blog. I'll be adding 3 new features and although this post features a couldn't-pass-up target pillow there will be a large emphasis on #LOCAL
1) #Covet&Crave will spotlight all that is crush worthy. Yes, they'll be some splurges featured here but a hey, the girls gotta dream.
2) #Steals&Deals will feature impossible finds such as this shiny little (dare I say cheap) attention getter pillow. I'm sure I'll be reviewing bottles from the rocketmarket's "Great Wines under $10" shelve. Seriously, those hand selected wines are a for sure thing. Thanks Matthew Dolan!
3) #MakeMineLive will promote live events. I'm convinced life is meant to be experienced in person. I'll continue with my envious WestCoast Entertainment gig covering the touring Broadway shows and adding much, much more. If you know me, you already know how I feel about live music and original art.
As usual some of my posts will be published (yes, on actual paper) in magazines and guidebooks. 
Carry on & make your day sparkling.


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