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The ART of the Appetizer

Appetizers are to dinner what aperitifs are to wine: a little something before the main event. But can ’ t they be a meal on their own? Deciding if the dining adventure is ideal for an hors d ’ oeuvres-centric meal depends on the restaurant. Rest assured this appetizer-only dining trend is happening at local eateries everywhere, and with few exceptions, the restaurants are ready for you. It ’ s true that the original purpose of the appetizer was to tide one by until dinner, but many of today ’ s starters are stealing the show. Opting to order two or more appetizers allows the diner to be indecisive. Go ahead, get a little of this and some of that instead of committing to a single entr é e. Most restaurants recognize the appeal of the small plate and have responded with delectable offerings from the simple to simply extravagant. Diners confess to being quite fond of chatting with  friend s  over drinks  and ordering an array of appetizers to share. The following is a regional culinary