The Lullaby of Broadway...42nd Street

The last time I saw 42nd Street, I was 18 and a freshman at Whitworth University. I was in New York, dancing with the Whitworth Ballet during the day and "clapping for credit" at shows almost every night. 

Broadway wooed me that month and I've been smitten ever since. 

Don't miss this quintessential Broadway musical. 🎶 Come on Along and Listen to the Lullaby of Broadway 🎶 as 42nd St. opens in Spokane this next week. Thank you WestCoast Entertainment for presenting this big song and dance musical March 24-27 at the  INB Performing Arts Center 

Get your tickets already! 

Here's the set up: This is the classic story of a small town girl with big dreams. Peggy Sawyer, a hopeful ingénue arrives in New York City longing to become a Broadway star. 

A suggested Show Pre-func: Go to Durkin's Liquor Bar for a classic cocktail or a glass of bubbly.


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