Boxing Day

Boxing Day, the day after Christmas is Canada at its best...when it's done right. Sure, the retail sector with its Boxing Day Sales attempt to turn this charitable tradition into some other than intended, but Boxing Day is simply an opportunity to give back. If you are unsure on what this means, the bottom line is you were blessed on Christmas Day and it's time to pay it forward. 

Origin stories of the holiday are mixed: Some say the name comes from the British aristocracy's habit of presenting their servants with gifts on the day after Christmas, once their own celebration was over and lowly employees could finally get some time off. Another popular suggestion is that it arose from the tradition of making charitable donations during the Christmas season, wherein people would give boxes of food and other supplies to the less fortunate and churches would set out donation boxes to collect for the poor. 

I've always viewed it as you most likely just accumulated more "stuff" and perhaps someone is in need of something you don't need or use anymore. Give it to them.

Happy Boxing Day! 

(Photo Credit: Huffington Post)


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