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Highland Dancing & Scotch Mints

Like every little Canadian girl of Scottish dissent, at a young age I was enrolled in Highland Dance classes. Imagine tidy little girls all in row with their tartan skirts, crisp white blouses, knee-hi's and black dance shoes. Then there was me.  My unruly cropped hair wouldn't cooperate in being contained into the traditional dancer bun. My shirt may have started out tucked in but one side inevitably untucked itself and my skirt zipper would end on the side or front instead of in the back. Even my sun kissed freckled face seemed defiant in comparison to other little girls who resembled Scottish dolls that stood perfectly still and quiet on the shelf at the store. I still find it difficult to be still and quiet at the same time.  On the first day we sat in a circle with our legs stretch out in front of us and our toes touching in the middle. I was the only one with multiple bruises and scraps down my legs. I recall one curious dancer sweetly whispering "What happ

THE LIST - BEST OF Spokane/Coeur d'Alene

TA DA! Written by Katie Collings Nichol, Sarah Hauge, Jennifer LaRue, Kathy Minnerly, Susan Joseph Nielsen, Jim Riggers Laurie L Ross and Blythe Thimsen Let’s celebrate The Best of the City with our annual “Best Of” readers survey results! We’re writing about the Gold winners, and showcasing the Silver and Bronze winners in the over 120 categories shown below, but  you, our readers, provided the results by voting in our annual BEST OF THE CITY ballot, which was in the June 2015 issue. The results are in, and you officially have permission to scoff at anyone who dares to grumble there’s not enough to do in Spokane. This is one of the BEST cities there is, and we’ve got the goods to prove it. Read on to see why we live in the BEST city ever, and exactly what makes it so great! NIBBLES VITTLES and SWIGS FINE DINING Clinkerdagger A pillar of the community’s food scene with a funny name, Clinkerdagger has been serving prime-aged, rock-salted steaks a