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Fireside Music & Wine

Think of it as an encore to summer. The music continues at Arbor Crest. 

and all at once

Quote by Oscar Wilde

Today in Spokane

Today's forecast in Spokane;  Silvery and overcast just like Seattle. Oh but wait, there's still no traffic. Spokane for the win. 

Why Move to Spokane?

By Satinder Haer, guest blogger Sunset View from Arbor Crest Wine Cellars (Laurie L Ross) Spokane should be at the top of the list when considering where to live in the Pacific Northwest. This vibrant city—the 2 nd largest in Washington—remains largely underrated. Spokane’s residents have access to all the elements of a classic Pacific Northwest lifestyle without the price tags of Seattle and Portland. For outdoor adventures, a taste of eastern Washington’s booming wine scene and a low cost of living, Spokane is the ideal place to find a home . Access to the Outdoors When it comes to the outdoors, Spokane’s motto describes their attitude succinctly: “Near nature, near perfect.” Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just want to take the family out for a stroll, you’ll have your pick of hiking trails, parks and gardens. The Centennial Trail, a paved trail that runs along the river for 37-miles from just west of downtown Spokane in Kendall Yards all the way to the la

New Openings in downtown Spokane.

Last night I went to a preview of the new Anthropologie that opens today. Oh Spokane, you're getting pretty cool. Fun merchandise and inspiring displays.  The new store next door, &Kloth opens today as well. This is a sister store to Fringe, a local boutique that started on the South Hill and now has a second store in Wandermere.  Both of these stores are located in downtown Spokane on W Main across from Nordstrom. Ohh Nordy's you have some trendy competition.  (&Kloth photo credit: Snagged from the &Kloth facebook page)

Fabulous Food Find - TJ's Cioppino

Found at Trader Joe's in Spokane, WA. An ensemble of seafood  (cod, scallops, mussels & shrimp)  in a hearty tomato sauce. This cioppino seafood stew is a delicious way to stay warm as Summer fades into Fall. I suggest adding crispy crust Bouzie's Bread available fresh daily to-go at Luna Restaurant on the 57th.