A Cup of Kindness at BOOTS

 That morning was like so many others - I was running late and frazzled that the coffee drive-thru was annoyingly slow. Fumbling through my handbag, I realized my wallet hadn't made the trip. I pulled up to the window, counting out loose change when the barista informed me the car in front of me paid my bill. Grateful and shocked, I dumped the change in tip jar and blissfully drove away. That random act of kindness turned around what started as a less than stellar day.  That one cup of kindness brought such joy that years later, I'm telling you about it. 

     Let's say I didn't just forget my wallet through, and the coffee I craved wasn't financially possible. How much more would I appreciate each sip? Kindness comes in many forms. It can be random acts done anonymously, specific acts done with intention, boldly with fanfare or quietly from the heart. The list goes on, but one thing is constant, kindness has the a ripple effect and apparently can come in a cup.

     Boots Bakery & Lounge, an indy coffee shop located in downtown Spokane may just be the anti-Starbucks. Bright turquoise facade, soaring ceilings, mismatched chairs, local art, an inspiring vegan menu and a heart. This locally owned gathering place has a serious commitment to what's been coined as "suspended coffee." The way it works is when you place an order, you add on one or more extra coffees. Those extra or suspended coffees are then banked for when someone needs to be spotted for their coffee. No questions asked. For those financially challenged, or simply someone who forgot their wallet, can order a suspended coffee. The ripple effect of kindness envelops this friendly gathering place and is reflected by the staff and the patrons. Boots Bakery & Lounge is riding the wave of the suspended coffee movement as a warm cup of kindness can be counted on when needed.
     In the end, only kindness matters. Anonymous random acts of kindness expect nothing in return. Not even a thank you. The only thing you can do is pay it forward. So, would you buy a stranger coffee? You should try it. It feels awesome for both the giver and the recipient.

Boots Bakery & Lounge is located at 24 West Main Ave. in downtown Spokane, and is open Monday – Tuesday, 6 AM – 6 PM; Wednesday – Saturday, 6 AM to 10 PM; Sundays 6 AM to 6 PM bootsbakery.com, 509.703-7223.
Written by Laurie Allen. As published in Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living magazine 5/15


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