Be a part of ART. A Gallery debuts in Kendall Yards

Spring is known for new beginnings and this Spring an art space has bloomed in West Central’s “it” neighborhood, Kendall Yards. The urban community continues to wow us with the non-stop construction of residences and the creative addition of unique restaurants and small businesses. Remarkably one of the greatest assets is the a sense of community for residence and visitors alike that has been achieved in the work/live/play community. The debut of the Marmot Art Space furthers this mission.

Kendall Yards has had a commitment to art from the start. Public art structures are peppered throughout the neighborhood but a gallery provides a gathering place. Marshall Peterson is the man behind the recently opened Marmot Art Space. The space is "white box" gallery - a simple, minimalist space where the focus is on the art hanging on the wall and nothing else. The small space is an urban escape tucked behind Monkey Boy Bikes. Just look for Melissa Singh Cole's new mural "Fish Eye View" now on display in Adam's Alley near the entrance to the gallery. 

The vision was to create a space to showcase local artists and further the community atmosphere by providing a gathering space for art. Gallery hours are tied into the weekend peak hours of the Kendall Yards restaurants (Wandering Table, Central Food, Veraci Pizza), open both Fridays and Saturdays from 5-10pm. To allow those who work M-F 9am-5pm to see the shows, were are also open on Saturdays from 12-5pm. The new gallery also participates in Spokane’s First Friday Art Walk, where each month it will debut a new display of Art. 

By Laurie L Ross

As published in the April 2015 Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living magazine


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