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The Happiest Happy Hours

Between work and play there’s Happy Hour. We all know there is a time to splurge and a time to save. Happy Hours can help with the latter. But let’s be straight, Happy Hour is a marketing term for bars and lounges to attract patrons early in hopes of them staying late or coming back for a full price indulgence. It’s all good with us, however, because discounted drinks help your “going out” budget stretch, and might even taste better for it. But are all Happy Hours created equal? Where should you go if you’re starting early or want to combine a couple appetizers for dinner? Then there’s style to consider. Around our region you’ll find casual watering holes, classy hotel lounges and everything in-between. Then there’s the curious Spokane trend of teensy-weensy drinking establishments. The following is an eclectic mix of some of our area’s offerings. Mini Bars (not the in-room, hotel type) Baby Bar 827 W. 1st Ave (Downtown Spokane) Low on capacity, high on service.


graphic credit: diningindc Congratulations from some fine folks on Linkedin reminded me that today is my blogiversary. WOW 6 years! Time flies when you're sipping #wine.