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Vine to Wine

T he process of making wine has existed for thousands of years. Although nature provides the ingredients, a winemaker must guide and  enhance the process. There are five basic steps in making wine: harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermentation, clarification, aging and  bottling. Winemakers can  make endless, and often meticulous, modifications in the process, and those variations can result in remarkable wines. The Pacific Northwest is home to many outstanding winemakers, and their wines have the world taking notice. Cave B step 1: H arvesting The winemaking process begins with harvesting the grapes. Grapes produce enough sugar to yield sufficient  alcohol for wine. Moreover, no other fruit has the requisite acids, esters and tannins to make natural, stable wine on a consistent basis. For this reason, most winemakers acknowledge that, “wine is made in the vineyard.” In order to make fine wine, grapes must be picked at just the right time. The winemaker or vineyard