Up on the roof.

Beside the shabby farmhouse of my youth was a large oak tree that allowed perfect access to the roof. Of course, climbing on the roof was strictly forbidden. But when left home alone....I'd be up on the roof as soon as the car was out of sight. I'd sing, dance, dream and survey the rural land. Sometimes I'd slide down the very steepest part or walk dangerously along the top ridge. Oh and I wasn't just a fair weather roof dweller.  I was up in there in the rain and at least once in the snow but boot prints left obvious evidence. But it was the magical nights that were really inviting providing an awesome star gazing experience.

Fast forward a couple decades and although I didn't allow my boys to full access to our roof, there was a slope over the garage accessible from the front porch. Stargazing was permitted and even encouraged. I have fond memoirs of of the three of us huddled together on our perch. Sometimes we'd snuggle in a blanket at night and other times we'd eat ice cream and survey the 'hood. The quiet of the night was often the perfect setting for 1-on-1 mother/son talks. I cherish that time. Yes, the neighbors would double take. To which we'd laugh and wave. 

So it's no wonder why I adore a roof top deck. Here's a few from my Pinterest page. 

For photo credit and more rooftop decks, go to http://pinterest.com/sipofspokane/up-on-the-roof/


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