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Drinking your Dessert. The Chocolate Martini


Ba Da Bing! Spokane's iconic theatre.

As published in Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living magazine, October 2014 

Ben Joyce at Barrister Winery

Spokane, WA. - Ben Joyce may have grown up in California but he attended Gonzaga University, married a Spokane girl and now calls our fair city home. So basically we're claiming him as a local artist.  Joyce's most recognizable series is called  Abstract Topophilia® -  The Love Of Place.  Topophilia is t he Affective Bond Between People And Place. The Love Of Place. “ I created Abstract Topophilia, love of place, out of an unconventional approach to art. Like the places I capture, the pieces are moving, pulsing, ever changing. The shaped edges and cut outs break up the traditional hard lines of a square canvas that confine the experience, allowing the viewer to expand the painting beyond its borders with their knowledge of the area ” — ben Florence, Italy.  50" x 70" A rtist Bio: Ben Joyce invites the viewer to transcend their experience of place through a radical new use of structure, form and elements.   Ben has always felt compelled to share his artistic talents; f