WHO is SIP anyway?

5 questions for Laurie L Ross (aka SIP)

1.) Tell us about your blog?

sipofspokane.com is a guide for things to do and places to go in and around the 509. Whether you live in Eastern Washington or just visiting, 509 is more than just an area code. It’s a way of life. With virtually no traffic and 76 surrounding and 5 ski hills, its a pretty high quality of life. Spokane is the second largest city in Washington but being on the other side of the State from other large cities, including Seattle, it feels like a small town. Yes, Seattle is cool but Eastern Washington has almost all the grapes. As you may know, Washington is the second largest producer of wine in the country and Eastern Washington home to 5 of the State's appellations. From the Yakima Valley all the way to Spokane, grape vineyards cover the landscape where apple orchards used to thrive. From these vineyards that some of the finest wines in the world have emerged. Washington Wine is world class. My blog invites you to taste why.

2.) What made you start your blog?

The blog’s original name was 509 The Great Escape. I’m a consistently published freelance writer and I needed a place to store my articles that I could send editors to it. I changed the name when I realized that my writing was drenched in wine. I primarily write for regional guidebooks and lifestyle magazines. Yes, actually printed words on paper. I am social media savvy (www.facebook.com/sipofspokane and www.twitter.com/sipofspokane). 

3.) Do you only write about wine? 

It seems like it but I do have other interests. I usually write about all the important things in life: WINE, coffee, cuisine, art, boutiques, spas, homes, interior design and travel. As they say, write what you love. And I do love wine. You could say I grew up with the Washington wine industry. There were just a few dozen wineries when I discover wine was my one true love. Now 25 years later there are well over 750 wineries in Washington State. There's no shortage of things to write about. I adore the stories behind the wine - the terrior, the process, the people and the even the marketing.

4.) Are you a full-time writer? 

No, I’m not.I have 20 years sales and marketing experience, mostly in media. I am currently a Real Estate agent with Windermere City Group. I’m just as passionate about marketing houses and the helping people find a place to call home. Not surprising but I give Washington Wine for referrals and thank you gifts. I'd welcome the opportunity to help fellow locators (lovers of local wine). For Real Estate assistance, I can be reached at lross@windermere.com.

5.) What’s your favorite wine? 

That’s easy. The one in my glass. 

So it took 7 years to put my name and picture on my on blog. Thanks for checking it out. 
and joining me on this delicious adventure. 

Life's fast, sip slow.
Laurie L Ross (aka SIP)

Here’s a link to some of my published articles:


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