Best Case Scenario.

Local business Winedentity puts a label on it
Photo Credit: Winedentity
Many wine enthusiasts daydream about having their own winery. The romance and prestige of “The Grape” can be incredibly alluring. In this fantasy, the want-to-be winemaker names their wine and imagines pouring it for friends, family and maybe even celebrities who insist on it. Visions of greatness stream in, the result of planting a single grape…
And then, POOF! Back to reality. Talk to any winemaker and they’ll tell you that it is tedious hard work tending to a vineyard— one that involves a lot of cleaning. It also takes a pile of money riding on very slim chances of an award-winning first vintage. Through trial and error, a winemaker will fail their way to success. That is, if they make it past the first year. This harsh reality is enough to send the most optimistic oenophile running for the hills.
But what if I told you that you could have an excellent private label wine without all the work?
Linda Keturakat is doing just that, offering businesses and individuals the opportunity to create custom wine labels with award-winning wines through her company, Winedentity.
A long-time wine enthusiast, Linda blended her passion for wine and her talent as a designer to create the delicious business. She founded the company with her daughter Kelsey and recently became business partners with Rachel Pulis. (Linda and Rachel are pitctured, above left.) As many know, wine is perfect for almost any occasion: one size-fits-all and multiple bottles are usually welcome. This successful business launched in 2012 with clients ranging from The Rock Placement Company to Ten Capital and many businesses in-between. They all attest to Winedentity’s simple and affordable service that can bring your wine-dreams to life.
Weddings and other landmark celebrations are go-to choices for creating your own private label wine; however, Winedentity makes it so simple that almost any occasion is worthy of this special touch. Linda isn’t remiss by neglecting what’s also inside the bottle (because, really, that’s what keeps us coming back for more!). Winedentity is pleased to carry red, white and sparkling wines from the award-winning Townshend Cellars for your selection. Linda, Kelsey and Rachel all agree that the quality of the wine itself is of premiere importance. The Winedentity creation-process is straightforward: merely choose your wine and choose a label. Customers may choose from hundreds of customizable label templates, upload their own or allow Winedentity to design one. Custom-labeled wines begin at just $170 a case, with no additional fees for design or set up. Winedentity also offers multi-case discounts and options for mixed-cases.
Winedentity’s owners are dreamers themselves. Linda and Rachel are at the beginning stages of developing a wine club that will offer themed and seasonal labels. In addition, they are looking at the possibility of opening an invitation-only tasting room, which will offer “Winestein” wine education, tasting, blending and art classes. A recently acquired, mid-70’s yellow Volkswagen bus affectionately named “Lola” may have a future that includes tasting, touring and corporate events, as well. Of course, Lola’s role will depend greatly on liquor law restrictions, but we’re hoping to see her around town.
Visit to learn more about this local business and how you can get to pouring your private label wine for friends and family…minus the whole tending a vineyard thing. Cheers!
Laurie L. Ross is the author of the popular local blog, Sip of Spokane. You can keep up with her at
As published in Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living magazine July/August 2014


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