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Pursued by ART. Local Spotlight.

S ome women always knew they’d grow up to  be artists. Others stumbled onto their talent,  or set out to do something else entirely.  However, art has a way of finding those destined to  create. We’re putting a spotlight on remarkable artists.  What they have in common is that their journey to  becoming working artists was not such a straight,  clear path. The following is about a painter, a potter and a poet.  Hayley Shortridge-Gabriel Painter, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Though she was born into an artistically rich  environment, Hayley Shortridge-Gabriel didn’t initially  set out to be an artist; after all, she was good at sports.  At a young age her family relocated from California  to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They settled into the quaint  resort town, where Hayley’s parents opened several  stores and art galleries. She is the youngest daughter  of the notable television actor and now nationally  acclaimed artist Stephen Charles Shortridge.  Her  father has a distinct fine art st

Best Case Scenario.

Local business Winedentity puts a label on it Photo Credit: Winedentity Many wine enthusiasts daydream about having their own winery. The romance and prestige of “The Grape” can be incredibly alluring. In this fantasy, the want-to-be winemaker names their wine and imagines pouring it for friends, family and maybe even celebrities who insist on it. Visions of greatness stream in, the result of planting a single grape… And then, POOF! Back to reality. Talk to any winemaker and they’ll tell you that it is tedious hard work tending to a vineyard— one that involves a lot of cleaning. It also takes a pile of money riding on very slim chances of an award-winning first vintage. Through trial and error, a winemaker will fail their way to success. That is, if they make it past the first year. This harsh reality is enough to send the most optimistic oenophile running for the hills. But what if I told you that you could have an excellent private label wine without all the work? Linda