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Vintage Angel...Boot Lust.

Photo Credit: Vintage Angel With an influx of new shops in Spokane, it is time to spread our wings, and shop outside your box. Don’t abandon your tried and true shops, simply experience a bit of what else is out there. Allow me to introduce you to Vintage Angel We’ve all seen them. That perfectly distressed, slightly broken-in cowboy boots on a passerby. It can stop you in your tracks as they capture your complete attention until they walk on out of sight. Then the envy sets in, and you find yourself with a serious case of Boot Lust. Well, we now have a cure for that distressed desire with Vintage Angel, a boot boutique in downtown Spokane. This tiny shop is brimming to the top with vintage boots for both cowboys and cowgirls; belts, buckles, handbags and…tutus. This place is by far biggest bang for your fashionista buck. We all know, cowboy boots are best when they are broken in. When you buy new boots they’re usually a little stiff and slightly uncomfortabl

American Idiot Wine Pairing

Punk rock, mosh-pits and sold-out stadiums.  I am thrilled to be attending the direct from Broadway, smash-hit musical AMERICAN IDIOT, based on Green Day’s GRAMMY® Award-winning multi-platinum album. I love me some Green Day. As you know, wine doesn't just pair with food. It also pairs with music, people and experiences. So, what does one pair with Green Day?  Syrah screams guitar but this band has an edge and for that reason I'm choosing a wine with some serious attitude and a coming-of-age price point of just under $15 a bottle. Please join me in raising a glass of  BAD ATTITUDE by Nodland Cellars. This red blend is artfully comprised of Merlot and Petit Verdot grapes from Walla Walla, WA. This is a BIG wine to jam to with blueberries,  ripe plums, cherries, with traces of violets, chocolate and spice. In this case, drinking bad is very good. Seriously, how lucky are we that Broadway comes to us? Cheers to the theater passionate folks at West Coast Entertainm

Wine Tasting 101

  I love being an honorary mermaid. If you haven't checked out Mermaids of the Lake - you're missing out. Attached is Sip's contribution to this fantastic online publication. Dive in & Enjoy! By Laurie L Ross Editor of  Sip of Spokane In 1984 there were only 20 wineries in Washington State. Today there are over 750. I guess you could say that our state is drenched in wine. If you love Washington wine or want to love it – here are a few "Sip Tips" to make your journey "grape." Wine is very personal. You don't have to be an expert, but you do need to trust your own palate. Each time you try a new wine, your awareness of the character and subtle differences will be expanded. Tasting wine is like a sport: the more you practice, the better you become at it. Only with wine tasting you won't be dragging your feet to do it. Sip Tip: The best place to perfect your tasting technique is in a winery tasting room. It is re