Private Label Wine. Winedentity, your best case scenario.

Wine enthusiasts occasionally dabble with the idea of having their own winery. The romance and prestige of it is incredibly alluring. In this fantasy,  the want-to-be winemaker often names their wine and thinks about pouring it for friends and family before they even harvest a single grape. Naturally, the very first vintage is award-winning and with all the rave reviews they have achieved a life that is très romantique.

POOF! Back to reality. Talk to any winemaker and they'll tell you it's tedious hard work that involves A LOT of cleaning, a pile of money and many times they fail their way to success. That is if they make it past their first year.

Okay, sorry to be a dream stealer but what if I told you you could have an excellent private label wine with out all the work?

Got your attention, right?

Winedenity is a local company that does private label wine for businesses and individuals using award-winning Townshend wines. I met with the owner, Linda and was intrigued about her business, her passion for wine and her talent as a designer. The business is owned and operated by Linda and Kelsey Keturakat, a mother/daughter dynamic duo.

Winedentity makes it simple and affordable to have your customized label on award winning wines. As you know wine is perfect for gift giving. One size fits all and duplicates are more than okay.

We all can wooed by a great label but we all know its whats inside that really counts. Windentity is pleased to carry reds, whites and sparkling from the award-winning Townshend Cellars. It's nice to feel confident that I already like the wine.

It's easy....choose from hundred label templates, customize and upload your own or let them develop one that is perfect for you. 

Custom labeled wines begin at just $170 a case with no set up fee, design fee or label fee. They offer great multi-case discounts and mixed case options are also available. 

Interested? I thought so. 

Here's a special offer to give it a whirl. 


Buy a custom labeled case of wine and receive a $15 Gift certificate to the tasty LeftBank Wine bar, located in downtown Spokane. Enjoy a great wine flight, a fabulous glass of vino or try some of the amazing new beers they will have on tap starting in July 2013. Of course, you can go any time, but I recommend going Friday or Saturday night when there's live music. With over 60 wines by the glass and a knowledgeable staff, you can trust you flight attendant to match your palate. 

Visit or call them at 509.230.4586 to learn more about this local Mother-Daughter business and get to pouring your private label wine for friends and family. Cheers! 

Sip Sip Hooray! Your very own wine...without all the work.


LeftBank Promotion Ends July 20, 2013


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