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Private Label Wine. Winedentity, your best case scenario.

Wine enthusiasts occasionally dabble with the idea of having their own winery. The romance and prestige of it is incredibly alluring. In this fantasy,  the want-to-be winemaker often names their wine and thinks about pouring it for friends and family before they even harvest a single grape. Naturally, the very first vintage is award-winning and with all the rave reviews they have achieved a life that is très romantique. POOF! Back to reality. Talk to any winemaker and they'll tell you it's tedious hard work that involves A LOT of cleaning, a pile of money and many times they fail their way to success. That is if they make it past their first year. Okay, sorry to be a dream stealer but what if I told you you could have an excellent private label wine with out all the work? Got your attention, right? Winedenity is a local company that does private label wine for businesses and individuals using award-winning Townshend wines. I met with the owner, Linda and

MALBEC, a Washington State GRAPE on the move.

                                                                      Its Malbec Monday.   Washington Malbec is a GRAPE on the move.  Last year in Washington, wineries crushed 1,800 tons of the red Bordeaux variety.  Already, the mighty Malbec is the No. 5 red wine grape in Washington, behind Cabernet Sauv ignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. (It quickly sprinted past Sangiovese.)  I recently sipped a remarkable Malbec at Tsillan Cellars Winery in Chelan, WA.  Do you have a favorite WA. Malbec?  Do tell.  Inquiring winos want to know.

The next BIG thing in wine.

Photo Credit: Movie Almost Famous Lots of regions have a grape they are known for. Argentina claimed Malbec and Chile has its Carmenere. Closer to home; Oregon is known for Pinot Noir and British Columbia has successfully tackled Ice Wine. As a side note, Washington State's defining grape is debatable as the region has at least a half a dozen contenders. Regardless of Washington's indecisiveness, I think it's a good thing to claim a grape not just for marketing purposes but well...Global Grape Domination. The latest claim to fame is that Uruguay is taking the world of viticulture by storm, with its distinctive Tannat wines. Discovering this variety was a major highlight of the recent Wine Bloggers Conference. A boisterous group of wine enthusiasts had an opportunity to sip and savor the unique wines of Uruguay. I compare this to watching a soon-to-be discovered rock band playing in a dive bar for tips just prior to getting a major record deal. At first sip, you knew