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Have a Sparkling Night

T o some purists, the mixing of champagne/sparkling with anything might seem unthinkable. For cocktail lovers, champagne/sparkling wine becomes a choice ingredient with which to add other interesting flavors. If you've been a fan of Sip for awhile, you know how i feel about the beautiful Bellini. We're going to try and go a bit beyond the Bellini, because with champagne/sparkling in your flute you have tasty options with those tiny bubbles.  Go ahead, be a mixologist with your Mountain Dome . There's no more sophisticated way to get a party going. Simply add fruit to anything that fizzes and you’ve got a drink in your hand that’s been a hit for hundreds of years. In the mid 1800’s the classic ‘Champagne Cocktail’ was all the rage at dinner parties and soirees. Today these sparkling cocktails are as hip as ever in wine bars and sexy lounge-eries. In Spokane, a perfect place to sip some bubbly is swanky Peacock Lounge in the decadent Davenport Hotel. Hopefully, you