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SBUX revisited

Photo Credit: WSLC This was a published feature article I wrote for Inland Business Catalyst (2008). The economy was sliding and Starbuck's stock had plummeted. Howard Schultz returned to save the brand he helped build. Unfortunately, he is still working at it. There seams to be more passion and drive in a "rags to riches" story than a "riches to riches" story. Though I sent the letter and magazine to him, I received no reply. Starbucks did follow some of the suggestions I made. I'm sure someone else with more influence was on the same page as me. A letter to Howard  (CEO back at the helm at Starbucks, Inc.) Dear Howard:  Things have gotten a little out of focus in your absence. But now you're back, I need to tell you, I'm still concerned. The stray from Starbucks has little to do with the price and everything to do with the experience. If Starbucks can recapture the coffee house experience, the price will be of minor importance. Lowe

Lindaman's Saturday Wine Tasting

Once a month, Lindaman's has a delicious event - Wine tasting with Bill and Merrilee. This Saturday, April 7th is a epic tasting and a not-to-miss wine opportunity. Lindaman's serves up perfectly paired small plates. Stop by between 2-5pm. The cost for wine tasting and small plates is only $10. Lindaman's takes a casual approach to wine. Just show up - no reservations required. Lindaman's Bistro & Gourmet to-go is located at 1235 S Grand Blvd (509)-838-3000 Oh and there's live guitar music. Photo Credit: Sip of Spokane Here's the stellar cellar line up; April Wines:                                retail/lindaman price*          Alluvium White, Beringer            16./12. California 2008 Chester Kidder, Long Shadows  50./37. Washington  2006(R. Parker 93, Tanzer 93, Enthusiast 92)         Pirouette, Long Shadows            50./37. Washington 2007 (R. Parker 93, Tanzer 93 )         Sequel Syrah, Long Shadows      50./37. Washington 2007 (