Trader Joe's Spokane

The highly anticipated Grand Opening of the South Hill Trader Joe's is this week. Whether you've been grocery shopping out-of-town, stopping off in Redmond on the way back from Seattle or you moved here only to find "No Joe's"... your wish will be granted on October 28th 2011 as our first TJs opens.

Parking should be a mess (what were they thinking?) and yes, I expect you to check it out. There are some great finds to be discovered that you can't get anywhere else.

Don't know what to try at TJs. Here's some suggestions to get you started:

Trader Joe SIP PICKS:
*Truffle Mousse Pate: Les Trois Petite black truffle pate is silky smooth with a hint of sherry. ($6/8oz)
*Sparkling Wine: NV Albero Organic Cava Brut ($9)
*Luques Green Olives: Imported from the South of France. Sweet, pump and fresh tasting.($4/7oz)
*Multigrain Pita Chips: A deeply satisfying crunch, perfect with Hummus ($2/6oz)

However, make sure you are not being a complete "trader" to the remarkable Rocket Market.

The Rocket Market is a quaint grocery store with heart, soul and is locally owned and operated. Its a unique grocery store that specializes in organic, gourmet and local food. I'm there on at least a weekly basis. However, like me, you most likely don't do all your grocery shopping there, so there is some room for TJs. Just don't forget about our charming corner market. After all, they're from here and were here first.

When it comes to WINE, the Rocket Market has deals. It may not be called 2-Buck Chuck but the RM's "GREAT WINE under $10" shelf does not disappoint (EVER). The reason the wine selection is a for-sure thing is because they only carry wines they personal taste and love.Every single wine they carry has handwritten tasting notes to accompany it. Damn, that's someone's job *envy*. That someone is Matt Dolan, the Rocket Market Wine Guy, who hosts weekly wine classes and is always available to enthusiastically recommend what to pour.

So have fun at the opening. I'm sure it will be a great success and yes, I'll be checking it out and picking up a few things after the crowds die down. But you'll still find me at the Rocket Market for great coffee, amazing lunches, farm fresh produce, for-sure wines and Victor's Hummus.

Cheers, SIP


SIP, you are fantastic! So sorry we didn't see this post until NOW! Thank you for the love :) it is mutual...Matt Dolan, Rocket Market
Unknown said…
Aw gee thanks. See ya soon.

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