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Trader Joe's Spokane

The highly anticipated Grand Opening of the South Hill Trader Joe's is this week. Whether you've been grocery shopping out-of-town, stopping off in Redmond on the way back from Seattle or you moved here only to find "No Joe's"... your wish will be granted on October 28th 2011 as our first TJs opens. Parking should be a mess (what were they thinking?) and yes, I expect you to check it out. There are some great finds to be discovered that you can't get anywhere else. Don't know what to try at TJs. Here's some suggestions to get you started: Trader Joe SIP PICKS: *Truffle Mousse Pate: Les Trois Petite black truffle pate is silky smooth with a hint of sherry. ($6/8oz) *Sparkling Wine: NV Albero Organic Cava Brut ($9) *Luques Green Olives: Imported from the South of France. Sweet, pump and fresh tasting.($4/7oz) *Multigrain Pita Chips: A deeply satisfying crunch, perfect with Hummus ($2/6oz) However, make sure you are not being a complete &q