Barili Cellars

A chance of wine:  
Steve Trabun and Russ Feist were aspiring home winemakers who met by chance when Feist couldn’t pick up his grapes in Prosser, WA.  It just so happens that Trabun was picking up his grapes and at the vineyards suggestion stepped in to help out. 

After that chance meeting and making some wine together they decided to take the leap of faith and start a commercial winery. That is of course, after they got the buy-in from their wives, Marlene Feist and Dana Trabun. Just to think, that random act of kindness of picking up another man’s grapes led to the opening of Barili Cellars. 

Steve Trabun and Russ Feist, along with their completely on board wives add their personal touch to the wine making process. The winery was inspired by the Italians who believe wine is meant to be shared and every day is special enough to enjoy a glass of wine. The Barili story is one about good things happening to good people and fast friends going confidently in the direction of their dreams. One could say that the cellar doors of opportunity kept presenting themselves along the way.

Sip Tips: After a quick sell through of their debut wines along with the encouragement wine drinkers pleading with them to make more, Barili responded with more than tripling production to 450 cases. 2008 Viognier was a victory (so good with Cougar Gold cheese) but their sophomore release had their 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon stealing the spotlight.   

Sip Picks: Best marketing label. This bright design stands out on the shelf getting your attention. The label may have you try it, but the contents will have you back for more.

(photo credit: Barili Cellars)


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the wonderful article, Sip!!! You'll have to come try our new releases in the next few months...let us know what you think!
Unknown said…
Looking forward to sipping the new Barili releases.

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