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If you've followed Sip for awhile, you know I love me some Rocket Market. This neighborhood oasis is perched atop the South Hill. Its everything you want in a corner market. Fresh produce, unique foods, gourmet to-go, top-notch coffee, bakery bliss and a hellava WINE selection. All that and  free wi-fi has me using the atrium as a satellite office (Yes, I have many offices conveniently scattered all over town).

Matt Dolan, the Rocket Market wine dude and new blogger (The Wine MD) has the job we winos dream about. Every wine that is carried Matt has tasted and written up his notes to accompany the bottle on the shelf. (Damn his lot in life). Sometimes during the day the wine reps are lined up waiting for him to taste their new releases and wines they hope the RM will carry.

Matt also teaches popular wine classes every Friday evening. Hundreds of wine students of all levels of expertise attend every month. No prerequisites required but reservations are definitely necessary. 

Sip has been invited to WINE school on Friday December 17th at 7pm and I'd love you to join me. Call 509.343.2253 to make your reservations. Class size is limited, so if you can swing it, call asap to reserve your glass. I look forward to sipping with you.

"Bubbly isn’t just for birthdays, weddings and New Years Parties. Taste through a selection of Sparkling wines from around the world and treat yourself to a night that you will remember for a lifetime. reservations requested. 8 wines, cheese and labrea bread. $20 plus tax "

Sounds fun. Of course, I'll be working :) Taking notes, snapping pics and sipping bubbly.I know, tough stuff.

The Rocket Market has developed a short survey to determine whether its the WINE SHOP for you;

Great wine under $10
If you believe there’s more to the wine world than Napa & Walla Walla Cab?…

If you recognize that white wine is over half of the world's wine production and some of them are pretty flippin’ cool, and oh yeah, very food friendly. Isn’t wine supposed to go with food?...

If you wonder, do all wines taste like wood or is there more to it than that? Isn’t wine made from fruit?…

If you have a sneaking suspicion that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great bottle of wine…

If you think that wine should be balanced, and have a sense of place, soil, & climate…

If you think buying wine should be fun not intimidating…

Then this is your wine shop. 

Sip Tip: Its savvy to save. Be sure to check out the "Great Wines under $10" shelve. It never disappoints.

Cheers to a sparkling night!



Anonymous said…
great video! although it is sideways ;)
LOOOOVE your blog!
Unknown said…
So sad I couldn't get it to flip :( A great view if you're lying down.
Thanks for being here.
What a great time that was! I learned so much useful information and fun notes!

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