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A cure the Bah-Humbugs! Mel's Christmas Room

Update: After 40 years, Mel's is closing September 2013. Mel's Nursery & Home  has a delightful holiday tradition of going all-out for Christmas . Its the most wonderful time of the Mel's. May your days be merry and bright and may halls be decked by Mel's. Fa la la la la. If you have a case of the bah- humbugs, one visit to the legendary Christmas Room will have you spirit in no time.  Mel's Nursery & Home is a must-stop for me when in North Spokane. Not only is Mel's a  full-service nursery and florist, they have tasteful home furnishings and decor items which will have you wanting to adopt their casual yet elegant style. What's new at Mel's in the ever expanding wine department with an obvious commitment to local wineries. In addition to finding a wonderful selection of Washington Wines you'll discover unique wine accessories and delightful gourmet foods which includes sele


Art by Leroy Neiman If you've followed Sip for awhile, you know I love me some Rocket Market. This neighborhood oasis is perched atop the South Hill. Its everything you want in a corner market. Fresh produce, unique foods, gourmet to-go, top-notch coffee, bakery bliss and a hellava WINE selection. All that and  free wi-fi has me using the atrium as a satellite office (Yes, I have many offices conveniently scattered all over town). Matt Dolan , the Rocket Market wine dude and new blogger (The Wine MD) has the job we winos dream about. Every wine that is carried Matt has tasted and written up his notes to accompany the bottle on the shelf. (Damn his lot in life). Sometimes during the day the wine reps are lined up waiting for him to taste their new releases and wines they hope the RM will carry. Matt also teaches popular wine classes every Friday evening. Hundreds of wine students of all levels of expertise attend every month. No prerequisites required but reservations

Cheers to Christmas Tree Elegance at the decadent Davenport Hotel.

Here's the perfect way to get you into the holiday Christmas spirit; Christmas Tree Elegance (CTE) is going on now on the mezzanine of the decadent Davenport Hotel. The parade of trees is simply dazzling. Each has a well-thought out theme played out with panache in this elaborate setting. CTE events include Style Show luncheons, the Gala Dinner Dance, and the drawing of the trees.That's right, the stunning trees with all the decorations and prizes can go home with you in time for Christmas. This grand event benefits our beloved Spokane Symphony and all 10 trees will go to the lucky recipients on  December 11th. Tickets are only $1 each and the trees include cash, trips, furniture, electronics and other crave-worthy prizes and decorations. (Oh, the chocolate themed tree is so going home with me). Have a Fireside meal or a cocktail in the Peacock room and make an event out of it. Or even better spend the night, shop, enjoy fine restaurants or  escape to the spa. Love th