CODE care for winos

"Cleanse the palate" is the name of the Red Wine Skin Cleanser,

"I always wear protection" is the name of the daily sunscreen,


"I don't spit at wine tastings" is the name of the Red Wine Eye Treatment.

These are just a few samples of the cleaver marketing that had me more than a little intrigued. Okay, and the whole WINE thing had my attention.

We all know and are happy about that there are health benefits to drinking wine but did you know the antioxidants are good for your skin and help fight the signs of aging? Well, the properties in wine actually fight premature lines, saging and other signs of maturing.

By the way, when I was much younger I was confident I would accept these natural changes of aging gracefully. Well, now that I'm older (and hopefully a bit wiser) I changed my mind.
I may not be able to keep the birthdays from coming, but as far as accepting the appearance of aging, I'm going kicking and screaming.

Introducing a skincare line for wine drinkers. Alright, you don't actually have to be a drinker to get the benefits of this premier skin car line, but you'll appreciate the marketing so much more if you are.

Nature's Best: Code SC is an “eco-friendly,” natural skin care line created for men (but many women use it too). Every product is made from wild harvested quality medicinal plants and herbs from the deserts and mountains of the Western United States. They make every attempt to cut down on waste or unfriendly materials, including the packaging, which is recyclable and made in the United States.

Local: Code SC is a skin care line for wine lovers which is based in Washington State. Although, they've chosen specific ingredients that have proven great results on male skin, women can benefit from Code SC formulas also. If you're a dude, it's up to you if you want to share with the women in your life. But after using them for the last couple of days, I don't care if they were designed with men in mind, I am keeping them for myself.

I knew I like local entrepreneur Amy Nathan the moment I met her. Which, by the way was when taking a Salsa lesson on her deck (which felt more like a rooftop with a great view). A mutual friend, Teri Dykeman brought us together for the dance lessons, which the only prerequisite was to bring your sexiest shoes. I knew in a moment, like with I did with Teri that Amy "was my people"
Amy and her husband Chris, developed the line right here in Spokane. Go Local!

I admit I am a sucker for cleaver marketing. Being a wino, I adore the names of the products but what really gets me is the contents. Results is what really counts.  
Like wine, what's inside the bottle will have you back for more.

Check out their web page for more info  CODE SC web link and "like" them on facebook CODE SC facebook

This skin care has everything you want with nothing you don't. Good skin care is worth every drop.

What to try it?

 SIP is giving away two of the decadent products for you to try.

* The "I DON'T SPIT AT WINE TASTINGS" Red Wine Eye Treatment.

* The "WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING?" Red Wine Moisturizer.

It's easy to enter just re-post this on your facebook profile to help spread the word about this new local product and leave me a comment let me know you are in the running.

Now if they can only create a Sauvignon Blanc bubble bath, I'd be set.

Cheers! Sip XO


Anonymous said…
After a particularly messy experiment attempting to rinse my face with red wine (because I read that topical antioxidants are more easily absorbed by the skin)I was super relieved to discover that there is a better way to get the benefits of red wine's reservatrol. These products also contain red, black, and green teas as well as aloe, jojoba, and avocado oils to name only a few. Love, love, LOVE it!
Anonymous said…
I use Code SC shaving stuff in those off months that I don't have a beard - which I suppose makes sense. I also use the cleanser and the moisturizer daily because my wife is into the "not a 60-year-old-man" look on me. Good stuff all around - highly recommend it.
Anonymous said…

Good day. Very cool blog!!
Anonymous said…

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this site.
Sip of Spokane said…
Thanks SO much! Cheers!
Anonymous said…
laurie is amy still operating the code skin care line? the main site doesnt appear as if its working
Sip of Spokane said…
I checked with Amy who is now living in LA and they have shelved this project for the time being.

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