The Wine Soiree at Beacon Hill

The best-ever end of summer party - the Wine Soiree at Beacon Hill was on Thursday, September 9th and  supported our treasured Spokane Symphony. LIVE music was provided by the always wonderful Kathleen Cavender Band and  a  tasty French Bistro Buffet was prepared by award winning chef Ellie Rayner Aaro. You could bid on one-of-a-kind auction items taste 35 great wines and meet some of the winemakers.  Robert Karl, Nodland, Matthews, Townshend, Caterina, Lone Canary, Coeur d’Alene Cellars are all in attendance and had wine available for purchase.  It was also an opportunity to get your hands on The Fox White, First Edition wine and the Symphony Red, First Edition wine by Don Townshend. Time in the bottle has made these wines even better. Remember, when it comes along next year, this is a must-attend event. Thanks Spokane Symphony Associates for a lovely evening.


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