WINE myths debunked

1.) OLD wine is better both in worth and taste.
      Untrue. Most wines are made to be consumed in a year or two of their release with rare exceptions. These exceptions require proper storage and a somewhat wine savvy group to appreciate them. Since 10% of wine experiences cork taint and some others do not store well, I suggest having back up bottle if planning a celebratory moment.

2.) GREAT wine is expensive.
      Untrue. It is a buyers market for wine. There is no need to break out the black AMEX to get a great bottle of wine. Like unsigned recording artists that when they are discovered their demand and price for appearance go through the roof, it's the same with winemakers. Look for the next BIG thing in WINE by tasting your way through up and coming wine regions. Discover small lot wines that may not have big advertising budgets and therefore for the moment are unsung heros of the wine world. Then you can say, I drank it when.


Sip with Me! said…
Interesting bit of info I used to share with guests in the tasting room. Buying and cellaring wine has become very chic. I would like to add that taste and price are both entirely relative and subjective terms.

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