Rocket Market's Wine Guy

There is no better guy in Spokane to chat WINE with than Matt, the wine guy from the Rocket Market. On Tuesday, I had set up office from the atrium of the RM and witnessed as the poor guy had appointments lined up and waiting for him with bottle after bottle of wine for him to taste (this is his job!). You see Matt tastes every wine (Damn his lot in life) they carry and writes personal wine notes to accompany each bottle as well as is the host of the well attended Friday Night Wine Classes.  Okay, I may have been a tad bit envious but he did ask SIP to join him. But being close to the magazine deadline, with the Editor sitting across from me, I thought it best to keep writing :) and I reluctantly declined almost pleading for him to ask me again sometime.

Food Writer, Kevin Finch
 So, when my Food Writers Kevin Finch and Kirsten Harrington brought me on the wine choices for a charitable dinner, I knew right where to go for some amazing wines for pairing. We ended up purchasing a world tour of wine to accompany the well planned out menu. We also tried some amazing white port. (Thank you Matt!) The 10% discount on 6 bottles or more, as well as, Matt knowing about some amazing wines that didn't break the bank were of great help.

The Rocket Market's Wine Guru, Matt Dolan helping Food Writer
Kristin Harrington pair wine.


SIP, you are too kind;)
Thanks for dropping by and chatting wine and food with me. You'll have to attend one of the Wine Classes and blog about it. See ya sooooon.....
Unknown said…
Sounds like a plan. Thanks for the wine tasting notes.
Life's fast, sip slow.

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