Recent Openings...

As you may know, Cafe Marron is no longer and in it's place  Italia Trattoria  is now open. New owners' Anna Vogel and Bethe Bowman  (the Chef and front of house GM) pedigree hails from Tom Douglas, legendary restaurateur from Seattle. Vogel, most recently the chef at Luna is thrilled to bring  Italian cuisine to the hip Brownes Addition neighborhood  at 144 S Cannon. The laid back elegance with hearty portions of well prepared and presented dishes make Italia Trattoria all the Italian you need to know.

The newly opened vintage-style cocktail bar at the Garland Theatre is called BON BON, and its tag line boasts “tasty drinks and delicious treats” It’s a mini-bar nestled in the Westside of the historic theatre with the cool signature re purposed style of developer/artist Dan Spalding. Think of BON BON as a concession stand for adults with a well appointed bar menu of classic cocktails with a contemporary twist.


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