A logo for SIP!

Update: This morning Hara came up with this one, which I love. But I want to know what do you think?

I'm so excited about getting a REAL logo.
But I want/need your help. After all, I consider this your blog as well.

The talented Hara Allison (STUDIO H) impressively came up with these two logos and like two modern women, we discussed and adjusted them on facebook chat. Since I initially met Hara on SIP, it's rather fitting she is doing the logo. First, I have to learn to say her name correctly - HA (like the HA in HAT) then RAH. I still struggle with it (now she knows) but since this once virtual friend is now my real friend, I so need to get this right.

Ta Da! I want your opinion.

Note: Even though, I'm fairly girly-girl, I want this logo to appeal to the guys that follow SIP as well. Our SIP wine party is comprised of 40% male and 60% female. That's not too off as there are more women on facebook than men.

Also, I found out recently that our http://www.sipofspokane.com/ blog is nationally ranked. Yep, may need a real logo. It's been as high as #18 (last week) out of over 555 wine blogs. It's based on "engagement" not number of followers and does not take in to account action on facebook, where most SIP interaction happens. So I think we are doing pretty well. And although it's all very interesting, I've decided not to watch the rankings as I am posting for you not some stat nerd in Canada. (No offense to stat nerds or Canada). Also my sometimes fragile writer self-esteem goes up and down as that ranking fluctuates. It may drive me to drink...more.

But what I love is with a blog name like Sip of Spokane, you know some people are saying where the heck is Spo-Cane? With the quality wine our region is producing we won't be an undiscovered wine region for long. The State and even the Country are taking notice of our wonderful wines. How cool is that?

So, leave me a comment with your thoughts. First which one do you prefer? Then any suggestions you may have. Hara is so cool about wanting it to be just right. When I say I like it, she comes back with I want you to love it. Hint: A great way to choose a logo is to think about if you would wear if it were on a shirt, hat or more importantly, how would it look on a wine bag?

About Hara: With over 20 years of experience (she must of started at 10) in the advertising industry and many awards to her credit, Hara Allison is the creative director and principal of STUDIO H Advertising and Design. She's an art-directing, collaborating, forward-thinking, award-winning, deadline-meeting, easy-going, Converse-wearing designer who wants to help you break through the clutter with a clear message and great artwork. With big ideas and small overhead, STUDIO H may be just what you need!

To find out more or to do the smart thing and hire Hara, go to http://www.smallagencybigideas.com/


Anonymous said…
I like the first one best. The "Spokane" just seems to fade into nothingness (is that even a word?). The words "Sip of" seem like they are part of the glass, but the word Spokane looks like it is an ice cube floating in the wine. Maybe if Spokane could be made to look more like it was part of the glass?

I like the boldness of Spokane in the second, but it is too harsh with the softer "sip of" script and I'm not a big fan of the "cartoonish" look.

Great design and congrats on the new logo!
Cecile Charles said…
needs lips....sippin' lips...and an up tipped glass....just saying but I think the one on the right is low key classy and the one on the right is racy youthful.
Margie B said…
It is a hard choice - I am leaning toward the one on the left thought - simple & classy - timeless
Hope said…
Ok Sip I think the left fits you the best and remember the logo is a visual rep of you and your site, of what you are about. It is a one second commercial, like a wine label. The other is more gender neutral. A bit to masculine for you I think!
Teri Dykeman said…
I like the logo on the right. but now that I see Hara's newest my vote goes there. There is something about the way the liquid moves inside of the glass... it evokes feeling and I am all about that. It conveys quite a bit and it is easy for me to relate to. The font of Spokane is clearly read. The capitalized S in Sip makes my eye take a look. I still like the illustration, but 'sip of' is harder to read.
Just me...but I think the work SIP should be more prominent.
Unknown said…
I agree. maybe even just bolder. I like this logo by committee. Everyone has such good suggestions.

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