All the Italian you need to know. Experience Ferrante's Marketplace Cafe on SIP.

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How does dinner for 2 at Ferrante's Marketplace Cafe Sound?  Even sweeter it includes their wonderful Gelato. (Value is up to $45.00 total which will cover anything on the menu for dinner plus gelato).  But wait there's more...
In addition you'll take home a set of these darling Italian wine glasses.

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Someday my prince will come. Until then,
I'll be charmed by Ferrante's Marketplace Café

Let's begin with dessert. Though the varieties change up, and I can't pass up the peppermint candy, today I discovered the first wino bonus; BLUEBERRY MERLOT GELATO! And yes, you can taste the Merlot. It's magnificent. They also carry a VERY BERRY ZINFANDEL.  It's good to know delivery day is Tuesdays. But you could call and they'll order you a pint or better yet a tub (30 servings) and invite some friends (me) over for a chilled Merlot or Zin.

As if that alone wasn't reason enough to go, Ferrante's is also one of my favorite restaurants for tasteful, yet casual dining.  It really is charming; Café tables, cool light fixtures, great paint colors and sidewalk patio dining. There's a delightful gift shop with a unique selection of truly special finds. You know, the "one for you, one for me" kind of gift buying.

But here's the second wino bonus; Ferrante's may have the least expensive wine-by-glass prices around. (Maybe don't tell them that). Expect a very nice selection of local, regional and Italian wines, which are also available to purchase and take home.

This is a fantastic place to call ahead and get gourmet-take-away. The menu is simple, classic Italian. Ferrante's specialties are perfect hand-tossed thin crust pizzas, just-right baked calzones, pastas served with Tuscan bread, creative salads and of course the Italian street-side quality Gelato. They use the freshest ingredients available and that makes all the difference.

If you've experienced Ferrante's then you know what I'm talking about. If not, get there already, you are missing out. 

I am confident you'll be charmed to make their acquaintance. Ferrante's is located on the South Hill at 4516 South Regal Street, Spokane, WA 99223 509.443.6304


hope said…
Sounds super yummy!! and of course I will recommend you to all my dear and will hopefull see you soon ..are you going wednesday to the the women of the vine?
Natalie Turner said…
Love it! It's been way too long since I've been to Ferrantes...I think this is the PERFECT reason to come back! :)

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