Clinkerdagger Revisited

Dear Clinkerdagger (again)   

     Just like a no-good, yet oh-so familiar ex-boyfriend, I returned to you for one last night in a moment of weakness. I know, I know - in my last review I said I was moving on, don't call me, we're through. I think I even went so far as to sum you up as clink, clank, CLUNK. Can you ever forgive me? After returning to the scene of the crime, it's quite possible my last review was a tad bit harsh. Maybe an old dog doesn't need new tricks. After all this time, you still got it going on and yes, you left me more than satisfied. So you had a few off nights. It could happen to anyone. Who was I too sum up our whole relationship based on a couple slips from greatness. Besides you can truly say you knew me when...

Here is a checklist of your smooth moves:
*Greeted by a cozy fireplace to set the mood. Check
*Low lights, tucked away in a corner tables. Check
*Attentive service without hovering. Check
*Unmatched view of the Falls and an el fresco option. Check Check.
*Great food, hand shaken top-shelf signature cocktails, and notable wine list. Check. Check. Check

I guess, I thought I wanted something new and different. And honestly you stopped inviting me and dare I say it, younger establishments wooed me. I was swayed by them and forgot about you.  But they don't know me like you do. You do have some smooth moves and they still get to me.
I am sorry. I should have known better. I will definitely be back. Especially since you have 2 Happy Hours on Friday and Saturday (3pm to 6pm and 9pm to close)  Yes, I do believe it's happier the second time around.
See ya soon, XOXO SIP

I now believe (again) - Unless your with a total goober, you can't go wrong going to Clink's on a date. But I have one little request for few more local wine pours for your wine list.

Side Note:
Just like half the population in Spokane, you may have gone to Clink's on prom night. But unlike that dress or that (hair) "do" - Clinkerdagger is timeless and always in style. Psst....It's best not to show those prom pictures to just anyone.
621 W Mallon Ave (Flour Mill)
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 328-5965

(Photo credits : wedding planner and essential travel)


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