Latah Creek Wine Cellars' Monarch Red

Latah Creek Wine Cellars is proud to present Monarch Red, a handcrafted blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah with an engaging new label.

Mike Conway, an accomplished Washington winemaker, and Edward W. Gilmore, a remarkable Northwest painter, have joined forces to create Monarch Red, an extraordinary wine with a captivating label. Wine is liquid art and Monarch Red is a well-crafted red table wine 50% Zinfandel, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 25% Syrah. The label is a replication of a magnificent 30” x 36” painting by the abstract expressionist, Gilmore and is available for viewing at the winery. Giclees, (reproductions on canvas) and artist’s prints are available for purchase to accompany the wine.

Join Latah Creek Winery and Gilmore Fine Arts on Friday, April 23rd 2010 from 5-7pm at Latah Creek Winery to experience the art and taste Monarch Red.

About Latah Creek Wine Cellars: Latah Creek Wine Cellars, a pioneer in Washington State’s emerging wine scene was established in 1982 by Mike and Ellena Conway, who have consistently produced remarkable wines for 30 years. Daughter Natalie Barnes is the assistant winemaker. This family owned winery continues to blaze new trails in winemaking, producing new varieties along with their acclaimed line up of established wines. The winery and tasting room are located at 13030 E. Indiana in the Spokane Valley.

About Gilmore Fine Arts: Emotion, Energy, Excitement. Edward W Gilmore, an engaging abstract expressionist is unveiling never before shown art from his varied collection. Edward's work has layers, stories, and reflections with vast colors and textures. Come meet Edward, experience his art and the opening of the Gilmore Fine Arts gallery at 505 W. Riverside in Downtown Spokane.


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