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Why we live here. Spokane, WA.

  Spokane is the second largest city in Washington State. (Psst over here, on the far east side of the State). Okay, let's be honest our vibrant city has often been overlooked, taking a back seat to the slightly hipper, and possibly cooler Seattle. But all that has been changing. Can't you feel it? Spokane is coming into it's own in a revenge-of-the-nerds type of way. We are actually becoming cool. Spokane City is home to  205,000 residents, with 462,677 in the greater metropolitan area. Located 18 miles from the Idaho border (Cda), 280 miles east of Seattle and 110 miles south of Canada. This is truly a great place to be. You know what they say - location, location, location. Whether you live in Eastern Washington or just visiting, 509 is more than just an area code. It's a way of life. If you are a transplant, you adjust quickly to the lack of traffic and instead make time to enjoy the great outdoors.  In the winter you go to the mountains and in the summ

It happens every Spring. Spokane area wineries open for Spring Barrel Tasting.

Spokane's local wineries are gearing up for their annual Spring Barrel Tasting . Expect a weekend of wine, food and gatherings with fellow locapours (lovers of local wine). For the first time ever, a record of 16 Spokane wineries will be opening their doors this upcoming Mother's Day Weekend. (May 7-9 from 11am-5pm) This is a great wine weekend in Spokane. New releases debut at wineries every Spring and Spokane is no exception. Our local wineries invite you to join them in the celebration and tradition of their annual Spring Barrel Tasting. Stop by any local winery to sip new and current wines. In some cases you'll get the chance to try wine directly from barrels or tanks. Think Globally, Drink Locally. (Tasting fees may apply).

Latah Creek Wine Cellars' Monarch Red

Latah Creek Wine Cellars is proud to present Monarch Red, a handcrafted blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah with an engaging new label. Mike Conway, an accomplished Washington winemaker, and Edward W. Gilmore, a remarkable Northwest painter, have joined forces to create Monarch Red, an extraordinary wine with a captivating label. Wine is liquid art and Monarch Red is a well-crafted red table wine 50% Zinfandel, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 25% Syrah. The label is a replication of a magnificent 30” x 36” painting by the abstract expressionist, Gilmore and is available for viewing at the winery. Giclees, (reproductions on canvas) and artist’s prints are available for purchase to accompany the wine. Join Latah Creek Winery and Gilmore Fine Arts on Friday, April 23rd 2010 from 5-7pm at Latah Creek Winery to experience the art and taste Monarch Red. About Latah Creek Wine Cellars: Latah Creek Wine Cellars, a pioneer in Washington State’s emerging wine scene was establi