Wine Trends by SIP

Wine trend #1: Be a Loca-pour, a lover of local wines. No matter where you are, whether you are on home turf or traveling, choosing a locally made wine is “in”. Not only are local wines eco-friendly, they can add to your experience. Opt for a local wine.

So glad to know I am "in"

Wine trend #2: Break the rules. How often have you heard the food and wine pairing rule “red wine with steak and white wine with fish”? And how often have you struggled in the wine gallery trying to figure out which wine? Well, labor no more. Food and wine pairing rules are meant to be broken. Here is the only rule that applies: Drink what you like!

I never did like rules.

Wine trend #3: Affordable wines. Ordering or serving super expensive wines – also known as second mortgage wines because of their lofty price – is a trend that is past its prime. There is so much high quality wine being made that it is not necessary to break out the Black Amex for a compelling bottle. And you’ll save enough money that you can enjoy really good wines, albeit less expensive ones, more often.

I like to wine often


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