Hotel Vintage Park - A Sip Trip dream come true.

Sip Sip Hooray! 

Hotel Vintage Park the perfect place for locapours (lovers of local wines) to stay while in Seattle.
Nestled in downtown on 1st Avenue is this Four-Diamond hotel that celebrates Washington state's wine by dedicating each room to a local winery and vineyard.

This is SIP TRIP dream come true; A hotel is drenched in Washington Wine.

You don't have to book THE wine room. They're all wine rooms!

There are 124 well-appointed guestrooms including the grand Chateau Ste. Michelle Suite, as well as, 55 King Premier rooms.

The hotel brings the Washington wine experience to life for its guests with a complimentary evening wine hour, regular tastings and events with winemakers and appearances by noted writers and educators.

The Hotel Vintage Park offers special wine-themed packages and also offers customized local and regional winery tours for groups and individual guests.

The hotel is also home to Tulio Ristorante which serves rustic yet refined dishes that sing with bold flavors and the unparalleled freshness of seasonal Pacific Northwest ingredients.

I so need to get there as abviously it was designed with winos in mind.
Only one little issue... I might resist check-out.

Here's the pièce de résistance for Spokanites - Latah Creek, Barrister, Lone Canary, Townshend, and Arbor Crest all have their own winery theme room.

Check it out or better yet check in by clicking the link below.


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