Take a meditative journey .
Recently celebrating their grand opening, Grassroots Wellness & Fitness Spa was designed around the most important person in the world: You. Everything is tailored to your body and your concerns with the purpose of having you leave revitalized, relaxed and refreshed.

Highly personalized and an intimate environment with a focus on inner beauty is what sets Grassroots apart from other spas or fitness studios. Located in the South Hill's Cathedral District at Grand & 13th, Grassroots offers everything from pedicures and facials to massage to biofeedback. In the upstairs Fitness Studio you'll find yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes and for your directional needs there's even a Life Coach on staff.

Upon meeting owner Julie Greeley, one can instantly see her passion has a purpose which shines through, realizing that the opening Grassroots was a a detailed dream turned reality with things falling into confirming this was the journey she was meant to be on. Greeley, a regional director for the past 20 years with Sta-fit Athletic Club, 24 Hour Fitness and now OZ Fitness in Spokane says she loved what she did but their was a true balance missing in the Fitness Industry and believes in helping people to find the balance in their life of the mind, body and soul. A co-worker's tragic ending catapulted Greeley to set her vision into action, as she felt we all need to return to our Grassroots and find balance and inner beauty and wellness for our journey. Enlighten yourself and be a Spa ritualist. Because we all deserve to live the good life.

1303 S Grand Blvd

Spokane WA 99202
509 474-0213


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