Giving us yet another reason to get to know SODO, lolo boutique is as sweet as pie and incidentally located in the refurbished Cyrus O’Leary pie factory. Today, it’s an urban oasis offering everything from hip clothing and accessories to delightful choices for home and garden. You’ll find brands like Tulle, BCBG and LA Made to name drop a few. You’ll also find Archipelago candles, as well as, French soaps and Hobo bags. lolo boutique offers a city escape with their seasonal side-alley with an array of great garden items. Owners Elizabeth Hitch and Nicole Floyd somehow know exactly what, I didn’t know, I was looking for. Lastly, you know I like a trend setter and lolo boutique was one of the first great shops in the now hip SODO district.

Written for Nosey Parker guidebooks 2009


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