The Flower Shop at the Davenport Hotel

10 South Post Street
Spokane, Washington 99201

Ring (509) 789-7200
Go Open daily at 10:00 AM

He loves me…he loves me not…HE LOVES ME!
If he picked you up a stunning bouquet at the Davenport Flower Shop, he definitely loves you.
It’s the oldest and quite possibly the grandest flower shop in Spokane. Let’s just say when it comes to breathtaking blooms, they’ve got this one. The shop’s talented artists create memorable arrangements in their oasis of a flower shop, located just off the lobby of the historic and decadent Davenport Hotel. There, flowers and greenery from around the world have been creatively and freshly prepared to be picked up or chauffeured to someone who will undoubtedly be impressed. The Flower Shop is responsible for the breathtaking arrangements that greet you upon entering The Davenport Hotel and Tower, as well as, for stealing the show at the area’s swankiest events and celebrations. Flowers commemorate life’s big moments, but the indulgence of “just because” is always welcome and even though they’re the official flower shop for the Davenport Hotel, they’re still honored to be your personal florist. The Flower Shop at the Davenport is definitely a contact to add to his cell phone.

Written for
Nosey Parker guidebooks 2009


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