Bruttles Candy Shoppe & Factory

Sometimes you’ve got something so good, it’s worthy of passing on to the next generation. Bruttles is a local confectionery phenomenon, which I’m grateful the recipes were passed on. The original peanut brittle is such bliss that once you try it, you’re hooked. The treasured recipe came from dear Aunt Sophia and first got its big break as the turn down treats at the Davenport Hotel. You can still get Bruttles in the decadent Davenport Hotel Candy Shoppe, in the valley at the Bruttles Candy Shoppe & Factory, and newly opened at The Shops at the Cda Resort. All locations are a destination in delicious. The sweet menu includes a variety of candy from hard and soft peanut brittle, caramels, turtles, and fantastic chocolate dipped candies. Candy is almost always a perfect gift and Bruttles will send it out to everyone you’re sweet on.

Written for
Nosey Parker guidebooks


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