The Barn on Trezzi Farm

A local fairy tale

Nestled among the orchards at Green Bluff is the Barn on Trezzi Farm. The newly built, yet rustic barn stands tall on 22 acres and, like every building has a story. Like many good fairy tales, this one has romance, passion and purpose.

Romance: Owners Davide and Stephanie Trezzi first met in a crowded bar in Italy. Though Davide spoke little English and Stephanie's Italian was limited, the spark between them was immediate. They just knew. After a couple weeks together, Stephanie returned home to California, and by long distance with a language barrier, love bloomed. Just 6 months later they were married in Sonoma, California. It was there that Davide opened his catering business that was quickly off to a good start. But something was not quite right in Sonoma and they weren't sure exactly what that was, until the Trezzis found their way home to Green Bluff, WA. Just like when they first saw each other, at first glance at the undeveloped acreage North of Spokane, they instantly knew that this place was "it."

Passion: Davide is passionate about traditional Italian food and makes it for happy customers throughout our area. Though not a formally trained chef, like the food he prepares, he's homemade. Davide jokes that the recipes came from his Grandmother, as his Mother was reluctant to give them up. Many of the ingredients are grown right outside the barn doors. This farm-to-table approach is a trend that's here to stay. There's no commuting for the couple as the barn also serves as the Trezzi's home. At the heart is an active kitchen that is for Davide only, with its familiar and rich aromas continuously warming and embracing the barn. Stephanie, a talented graphic designer carefully chooses the designs and the packaging, and collaborates with Davide on the ambiance of the countryside setting. The bold paint colors are a vibrant surprise upon entering the traditional looking structure and you agree that simplicity and functionality can also be very stylish.

Purpose: More people are discovering the Trezzi's rustic-style Italian foods, such as the frozen lasagna to-go, rich pesto and expertly crafted minestrone soup all which are sold on-site. The word was also spreading about the simply delicious caterings, and the Trezzi's take their delectable offerings on the road to fairs, festivals and farmer's markets. They refer to this as "community catering." Consistently giving back to the community by supporting non-profits and local schools, this home business also serves a greater purpose. Davide and Stephanie are grateful for their life and love, obviously enjoying their work.

So what's the next chapter in this story? With the expansions of vineyards (of which neighbor Don Townsend of Townsend Cellars will be the winemaker), a newly built event-barn that will house the wine barrels below and be available to reserve in 2009, the Trezzi's are well on their way to their happily ever after. For a guy who decides things in an instant, Davide will have to be patient for the wine to properly age. If all goes according to plan the wine will be available for sale in 2010.

The moral of the story is that the Trezzi's not only found their way to each other, but also to Green Bluff, where they built a labor of love out of a simple barn they call home.
The Barn on Trezzi Farm is located at 17700 N Dunn Rd, in Greeen Bluff. For More information call 509.238.2276 or visit

This article I wrote was published in the December 2008 issue of Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine, First Look feature. See update below
(Barn photo courtesy of Green Bluff Farms)

UPDATE: Now a micro winery nestled in the heart of Green Bluff, a historic farming community North of Spokane, WA. Trezzi Farms (TF) specializes in Italian "food wines" made from grapes grown on the farm. Good neighbor Don Townshend, of Townshend Cellar, is the vintner of the '08 Barbera release. When you go to the farm, enter through the big wooden door of the smaller barn on the right. There you will find the new tasting room. The tasting room is open year round Fri, Sat, Sun from 12-6
All vines planted on the property are Northern Italian varietals found in the Lombardia region of Italy. The first Barbera vines were planted in the Spring of 2005 and the grapes were harvested for the first time October 2008. There are currently red Barbera and Nebbiolo vines and they are plans for a Pinot Grigio white.

****Try the famous frozen lasagna is gourmet to-go. But know that the  pesto is perfect and I day dream about the minestrone soup.


William Maltese said…
Hey, I'm glad you referred me to this write-up, which is, indeed, a good one. Having "done" Italian wineries and vineyards, I just suddenly felt as if I were back in Italy when I first stopped by the Trezzi Farm, expecting only delicious frozen home-cooked Italian foods, but, finding to my surprise their own home-grown wine by way of perfect accompaniment. I can't go to Greenbluff, these days, without stopping in for both Davide and Stephanie's food and wine.
Unknown said…
I so agree with you.

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