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The Barn on Trezzi Farm

A local fairy tale Nestled among the orchards at Green Bluff is the Barn on Trezzi Farm. The newly built, yet rustic barn stands tall on 22 acres and, like every building has a story. Like many good fairy tales, this one has romance, passion and purpose. Romance : Owners Davide and Stephanie Trezzi first met in a crowded bar in Italy. Though Davide spoke little English and Stephanie's Italian was limited, the spark between them was immediate. They just knew. After a couple weeks together, Stephanie returned home to California, and by long distance with a language barrier, love bloomed. Just 6 months later they were married in Sonoma, California. It was there that Davide opened his catering business that was quickly off to a good start. But something was not quite right in Sonoma and they weren't sure exactly what that was, until the Trezzis found their way home to Green Bluff, WA. Just like when they first saw each other, at first glance at the undeveloped acreage North of