ROW Adventures

314 E Garden Ave
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
(800) 451-6034

Row Row Row your raft...

We went with Row Adventures for a class 3 white water rafting trip down the Clark Fork.
We had a great day riding the rapids! Our guide, Ivan was the best, helping us to maneuver through best parts of the rapids. With Ivan's guidance of rowing in just the right direction, we actually backed up on the river and had a do-over on one of the best rapids of the day.
We stopped to jump off rocks and had lunch on a riverside beach.
Here's where we were disapointed. Lunch was nothing special, which may have been acceptable if we hadn't had a gourmet lunch with a competing company the year before.
Make-your-own-sandwiches just doesn't cut it compared to the spread they served us.
Sorry Row. We gotta go back, even if its just for the lunch


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